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Professional eLearning website developer, highly experienced in creating engaing, and seamless user experiences on the Thinkific platform. Pushing the Thinkific platform to it’s limits, and making the impossible possible with the magic of code 🧑‍💻.

About Me

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I’m all about creating awesome elearning websites on the thinkific platform. My portfolio is packed with examples that prove I know my stuff and can deliver top-notch work. I’m confident I can blow your mind with what I can do. So, let’s team up and take your elearning game to the next level!

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Elearning development

eLearning Development is my jam! I’ve got the skills to create awesome and interactive websites on the thinkific platform. I’ll make your online learning experience a breeze!


Thinkific is my bread and butter! I know this platform inside and out, and I can create awesome elearning websites that will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. You’ll love what I can do with Thinkific!


Whether it’s just a tiny integration with your CRM or a full-blown tailored system, I can do it all with the power of Thinkific APIs, I can put a complete system working for your eLearning business with the power of code!

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